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Become part of a transparent supply chain


We are a networker and service provider in one!
Service provider for brands to give them access to ready-to-sell products in the field of food and dietary supplements and to accompany them closely on this path. Networker as a partner to suppliers, contract manufacturers and plant operators, whom we help to utilize their production capacities ideally.
Within the framework of this cooperation, transparent communication between all parties involved is particularly important. And it is exactly this transparency that we stand for!
We are interested in a long-term cooperation with our customers and network partners. In this context, we therefore speak less of a collaboration and more of a partnership.

For contract manufacturers

The most important thing for a production company is that the machinery is running! Because we are aware of this, we work for our contract manufacturing partners to achieve the highest possible utilization of their machinery and equipment.

Through our constantly growing network of start-ups, e-commerce brands as well as traditional companies, we regularly generate orders for private label manufacturing, which we place to our appropriate contract manufacturers according to their needs. In particular, the expertise in terms of manufacturing, the quality of the end product and the desired form of dosage and packaging are crucial.

Save your time and resources and let elements+ generate your next orders.

Benefits for contract manufacturers

  • Save your marketing ressources
  • Utilize your machines without additional effort
  • Benefit from qualified orders and our network
  • No risk of non-payment when working with small brands
  • Become part of a growing network
  • Personal contact at elements+
  • Longterm cooperation
  • Help to create new brands and products
  • If required, raw materials can be supplied by Magnesia GmbH

Wanted: contract manufacturers

We have the customers – you have the capacities.

Your skills

Let us know which dosage forms and types of packaging you can implement from which MOQ and where you are specialized on.

Our request

We compare production inquiries with your skills and check whether you can meet our customer requirements. You, in turn, check capacities and submit an offer for the request.


If the customer agrees to your offer, the joint project begins and the production can start. We look forward to working with you!

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