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Looking for your ignition?

One question often arises at the beginning: How do we start? This is exactly where elements+ comes in and gives you access to ready-to-sell nutritional health supplements.

Regardless of whether you want to expand your range, find additional production partners or start from scratch, we are your experienced service partner. All you need is an idea and we can get startet right away with you. If there is already an existing formulation, GREAT. If not, GREAT. We have a whole range of ready to sell products.

Anything we can do to enable your products’ smooth and quick entry into the market.

Why you should call us

✔ Personal advice from experienced nutritionists

✔ Development of individual product formulations

✔ Full range of ready-to-sell products in your corporate identity

✔ Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance

✔ High product quality through our strict quality management

✔ No need to invest in own machines and quality processes

✔ Over 40 years of experience in the market

✔ Highly certified and from Germany

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