Shapes & Types

Possible shapes, packaging
and finishes

Let´s get colourful!

Move your mouse over the icons below to find out which dosage forms and types of packaging are suitable for which products and which features you can add to them. Basically, there are no limits to your imagination for the realization of your product.

We will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the best possible combination of dosage form and packaging type.


  • Bags (Doypacks)

    Bags (Doypacks)

    • For powder or granules
    • Different sizes and designs possible
    • Dosing aid on request
    • Delivery in folding box or in bulk possible

  • Blister


    • For easy removal and dosage of tablets/capsules
    • Different formats possible
    • Individual design
    • Protective function and long shelf life

  • Glass/Jar/Tube


    • Various volumes
    • Reclosable
    • Various colours
    • Labelling and charging possible

  • Sachets or sticks

    Sachets or sticks

    • For powder or granules
    • Different sizes and designs possible
    • Delivery in folding box or in bulk possible

  • Folding box

    Folding box

    • e.g. for blisters, sachets, sticks or as outer packaging for cans
    • Can be glued and printed with your label + advertisement
    • Enable space-saving stacking
    • Protect the product

  • Bulk


    You would like to pack the finished product yourself? We also deliver all dosage forms in bulk.

  • Label printing

    Label printing

    No matter which type of packaging you choose, we are happy to provide the containers with your labels or print them directly on your packaging.


  • Coating with...

    Coating with…

    • …natural colours or transparent polymer coating for an appealing design of your product
    • …flavouring for a pleasant taste
    • …special coating for gastro-resistant products

  • Sustainability...


    …is close to our hearts! We are happy to produce products in environmentally friendly and resource-saving packaging.

Shapes & Features

  • Functional gummies

    Functional gummies

    With micronutrients enriched gummies

    • delicious taste combined with health benefits
    • pleasant consumption
    • alternative to capsules and tablets
    • absorption of micronutrients without affecting taste

  • Powder


    • For dissolving in water or stirring into liquid foods (e.g. yoghurt).
    • High stability
    • Rapid absorption
    • Flexible dosage

  • Liquids


    • Flexible dosage
    • Well suited for children and people with swallowing difficulties
    • Can be combined with smoothies, mueslis, drinks etc.
    • Water- or oil-based
    • Various packaging options (ampoules, shots, pipette or dropper bottles, bulk)

  • Hard or soft capsules

    Hard or soft capsules

    • Hard capsules: Ideal for powders and granules
    • Soft capsules: Ideal for oils or suspensions
    • Gelatine capsule or vegan HPMC capsule
    • Few to no excipients needed
    • Various sizes (from 4 to 000)
    • Controllable absorption through coating

  • Tablets or dragees

    Tablets or dragees

    • Film-coated, chewable, swallowing or effervescent tablets
    • For compressing powders or granules
    • Fast and cost-effective
    • High concentrations possible
    • Wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and flavours possible
    • Active ingredients stably packed

  • Granulates


    • For melting in the mouth or for chewing, swallowing or dissolving in liquid
    • Improved flow properties = better filling and dosing
    • Good compressibility (e.g. in tablets) = less use of excipients

  • Vegetarian/Vegan


    If desired, we can also design the products to be vegetarian or vegan.

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