A glimpse behind the scenes

The company behind elements⁺

Market experience

elements⁺ is part of Magnesia GmbH from Lüneburg and firmly anchored in the market.

MAGNESIA has been a specialist for mineral raw materials for more than 35 years and, as a distributor, supplies customers in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutritional health supplement and technical applications sectors. Customers – especially in the field of nutritional health supplements – have increasingly expressed the need of finished products in addition to pure raw materials.

So, with great knowledge of the market and the inquiries in the mailbox, elements+ was launched. The goal is to provide brands with easy access to ready-to-sell supplements – from the initial idea to the finished product. 


elements⁺ is a private label partner specializing in the development of high-quality nutritional health supplements. Whether quality, process, supplier management or product development, marketing and project management. All these competencies of our elements⁺ team are at your disposal for the development and realization of your products.

As part of the internationally operating Magnesia GmbH, we have built up in-depth expertise and competencies over decades. And you can benefit from exactly this expertise and our position in the market. Our expertise relates both to the raw materials and to the suppliers of these raw materials, whom we qualify and audit for you.

In order to always provide you with the best product, we know which raw material components are the best and which contract manufacturer is the expert for tablets, liquids, capsules, powders or even bars.

In this competent network we coordinate the development, production, delivery and design of your products for your brand. You benefit not only from strong-selling product solutions but also from our strong structures, broad networks and high quality standards.


Control is good – trust is better! Beyond our experience and competence, you benefit from numerous certifications that factually confirm the quality of our processes, raw materials and products.

Our hygiene management complies with the principles of HACCP, a standard that ensures product quality in the production of food products. Further, we are GDP certified for the trade of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The quality of all processes is ensured by our quality management system, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

In addition, we regularly analyze the used raw materials as well as the produced end products on a spot check basis. From raw material to finished product, we qualify our network partners and thus ensure high quality standards of your health products.

Why we can be trused

As part of Magnesia GmbH, our elements⁺ colleagues have built up in-depth expertise and competence ove the years.

In order to always deliver the best products, we know which contract manufactures are the experts for tablets, liquids, capsules, powder or even bars. In this competent network we coordinate the development, production, delivery and design of new products for our customers. Quality-, process- and supplier management. All these competences of our elements⁺ team are available to our customers for the development and realization of nutritional health supplements